STAIR-Annapolis uses a proven, educator-approved curriculum that focuses on the essential components of reading instruction as outlined by the National Reading Panel (2000) and supports our philosophy of providing a structured, goal-driven approach to literacy development.

Our curriculum gives students reading below grade level the opportunity to build skills and confidence in:

  • Phonemic awareness: breaking down spoken words into smaller sounds, called phonemes
  • Phonics: combining different letter sounds to form words or parts of words
  • Fluency: recognizing words quickly and reading with greater speed and accuracy
  • Vocabulary: learning new words to improve fluency
  • Comprehension: understanding material after it's read

The proof of the STAIR-Annapolis model of reading instruction is in our results:

Though most begin the year reading below grade level, by STAIR Graduation Day our students have improved an average of 4.3 reading levels!*