The STAIR Annapolis program offers a supportive environment for students reading below grade level, fostering both their skills and confidence.  Each STAIR Session is carefully crafted to include the following components:

  • Interactive Read Aloud: Tutors engage students through interactive reading sessions by reading aloud and prompting discussions about the story. This approach enhances language comprehension and builds essential background knowledge.
  • Structured Literacy:  A key segment of every STAIR session is dedicated to utilizing the PRIDE Reading Program. This curriculum, an Orton-Gillingham-based approach, is aligned with the Science of Reading and reflects the goals and methodologies endorsed by Anne Arundel County Public Schools. Reading and writing instruction are seamlessly integrated within the PRIDE lessons, providing students with a comprehensive learning experience.  To learn more about this curriculum, visit
  • Fun and Fluency: During this segment, students can read to their tutors, engage in journal writing, or participate in individual literacy games.  This time is designed to make learning enjoyable while applying new knowledge to build fluency.
  • Group Games:  Each session concludes with collaborative games that reinforce the reading skills learned during the session.  These group activities promote teamwork and further solidify the concepts covered, enhancing retention and application.  

Through this holistic approach, STAIR Annapolis empowers students to thrive academically while fostering a love of reading.  The program nurtures students’ growth by combining structured literacy instruction with interactive and enjoyable activities, ensuring they develop the skills and confidence needed for success in their educational journey and beyond.