What do we do?

Start The Adventure In Reading-Annapolis is focused on one thing: READING!

Second grade is a critical turning point in a child’s education. Through second grade, children learn to read; after second grade, they read to learn. If they miss that critical building block, they will fall further and further behind as the rest of their class moves forward.

STAIR-Annapolis works closely with educators and reading specialists in Anne Arundel County Public Schools to identify first and second-graders currently reading below grade level and match them with tutor volunteers who work with them one-on-one to improve their literacy skills.

STAIR Tutor reading with children


How do we do it?

Here’s how STAIR makes a difference:


Dedicated Tutors

Dedicated Tutors STAIR recruits, trains, and pairs dedicated volunteer tutors with students reading below grade level. These tutors commit to twice-weekly, one-on-one sessions tailored to each student’s unique abilities.

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Engaging Activities

During these sessions, STAIR students and tutors embark on a journey of reading, word decoding, writing exercises, vocabulary development and word games.

STAIR tutor reading with a child

Building Bonds

Through these personalized sessions, STAIR fosters meaningful connections between students and tutors. Each child works with the same tutor/tutors weekly and receives caring, undivided attention during the session.

Cost-Free Support

STAIR’s invaluable services come at no cost to families, ensuring accessibility to all students in need.

Bins filled with books

Building Home Libraries:

As part of its mission, STAIR provides each student with at least 25 brand new books, empowering them to build their own home libraries and fostering a love for reading beyond the classroom.

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Measurable Results

STAIR students improve an average of 90% in their reading skills and 70% of our students are reading at grade level or above over the course of a school year. Parents also see an increase in their child’s self-confidence and desire to read for pleasure.