Volunteer Dashboard

Welcome to the STAIR Volunteer Dashboard!

For volunteering questions, please contact Malena Ruland, STAIR-Annapolis Volunteer Coordinator.

For technical assistance, please contact Erin DuPont, STAIR-Annapolis Communications Manager.

Training Videos and Slides

Click on the Part 1 and Part 2 boxes below to access pre-recorded training videos for STAIR-Annapolis volunteers.

Part 1: Covers the basics of becoming a STAIR-Annapolis volunteer, including a brief history of STAIR, a program overview, and required steps before tutoring.

Part 2: Gives specific tips and tricks for working with students, including how to use the STAIR curriculum effectively, a sample session agenda, and resources available to enhance tutoring sessions.

Slides from each presentation can be viewed or downloaded by clicking on the button below the video.