No previous tutoring or teaching experience? No problem!

At STAIR-Annapolis, we do everything possible to ensure a nurturing, positive environment not just for our students, but for our tutors, substitutes, and site coordinators, too.

It all starts with training.

Our user-friendly curriculum and training programs are easy to follow, with no prior educational experience necessary.

The first step in becoming a STAIR tutor is a mandatory two-hour classroom training session that introduces our curriculum and the STAIR approach to literacy development. This comprehensive training will give you the tools you need to build a trusting, one-on-one relationship with your student, guide him or her through each tutoring session, and ultimately help that student become a stronger, more confident reader.

The second part of our training program is an on-site shadowing session with an experienced STAIR tutor. This hands-on component of our training gives new tutors valuable insight into the flow of a typical STAIR session, offers an opportunity to see how tutors work through the curriculum with their students, and gives prospective tutors a true picture of "STAIR in Action."

We also host several tutor workshops during the academic year where educators, reading specialists, and other professionals offer continuing education on a variety of topics to help tutors improve their approach and develop greater confidence during STAIR sessions.

Our students' achievements depend on the skill of our volunteers, and we are committed to fully preparing each and every STAIR tutor for success with our program.

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