Since 2006, STAIR-Annapolis has helped young readers throughout Anne Arundel County achieve success through stronger literacy skills and increased academic readiness.


We have three simple goals:


How does STAIR benefit the community?

Learn to Read

Start The Adventure In Reading (STAIR) fills a need that school reading specialists and teachers do not have the time to address: one-on-one reading time with students at risk.

Read to Learn

Literacy is the gatekeeper to higher education, financial stability, health, relationships, and empowerment. STAIR provides literacy tools, support, and confidence to our students at this critical time in their educational journey.

Reader For LIFE

Students who love reading keep reading throughout their LIFETIME. They reinvest that knowledge and passion back into their communities, workspaces, and families.

STAIR Volunteer celebrating with a child

“When students, who once faced barriers in their literary journey, become excited about and proficient in reading, they are 4 times more likely to proudly walk across their graduation stage.” -Annie E. Casey Foundation


Our History and Story

Start The Adventure In Reading was founded in New Orleans more than 30 years ago.  Since then, the flagship STAIR program in New Orleans has grown to include several sites along the eastern seaboard serving hundreds of students.

STAIR came to Annapolis in 2006 as a mission of the First Presbyterian Church of Annapolis, offering weekly, one-on-one tutoring sessions at the Stanton Community Center to a handful of Annapolis Elementary School second graders. We added two additional sites in 2009, and have enjoyed steady growth ever since.

Now our own 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, STAIR-Annapolis includes multiple locations throughout the City of Annapolis and greater Anne Arundel County, where more than 200 dedicated volunteer tutors and more than 100 first and second-grade students meet each week to share books, develop critical literacy skills, build relationships, and have fun!