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A September Reading Challenge

Posted by STAIR-Annapolis on September 1, 2021

What better way to ease back into the routine of a new school year than with a Back to School reading challenge?!

For many students, this September marks the first time they’ve been in a school building in nearly two years. That’s a long time away from the classroom! Meeting students where they are and recreating a love of learning will be keys for educators this year, and this month’s reading challenge is all about low-pressure pleasure reading.

Daniel Pennac’s “The Rights of the Reader” is widely regarded as a roadmap for helping striving readers develop a natural love of reading. It reminds us all that the freedom to explore is a crucial part of the reading adventure for everyone!

1. The right to not read.

2. The right to skip pages.

3. The right to not finish.

4. The right to re-read.

5. The right to read anything.

6. The right to escapism.

7. The right to read anywhere.

8. The right to browse.

9. The right to read out loud.

10. The right to not defend your tastes.


Remember: The only “right book” is the one that your child is reading right now! 

For a simple September reading challenge that’s easy to adapt to any age, reading level, or genre preference, follow the list below. One book per week, every week this month:

  • Read a book with the word “SCHOOL” in the title.
  • Read a book written by a teacher.
  • Read a book set in a classroom, at a school, or on a college campus.
  • Re-read a favorite book!

Good luck! We’ll be back next month with a new reading challenge for you. Until then, keep reading!

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