What is STAIR?

STAIR focuses on one thing: READING! We fill a need that parents and school staff might not have time to fill: one-on-one reading time with at-risk students on regularly scheduled days. STAIR uses a structured, educator-approved curriculum that is updated yearly. We tutor at sites in the communities where students live to address transportation issues.

Tutoring sessions are the core of our program and are conducted throughout the school year. Each student meets with his/her tutor for one hour twice a week. Each session is tailored to the student’s pace and ability. Thank you for all and any help that you can give us in supporting our students.”

STAIR’s mission is:

  • Increase the reading level of 2nd graders reading                                     below grade level
  • Increase our student’s sense of self-esteem                                                     and self-confidence
  • Provide a caring environment where reading is fun, not scary
  • Create a community that sustains our students.

STAIR’s History

The STAIR – Annapolis program is an outgrowth of the original STAIR program that began in New Orleans in 1985 and still continues to effectively serve at-risk students after 30 years. The 2018-2019 school year represents our 13th year of STAIR in the City of Annapolis. The first Annapolis STAIR program began at the Stanton Center on Clay Street for students attending Annapolis Elementary School and now has grown to ten sites. Click here for a detailed listing of our tutoring sites.

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