Summer Reader’s Theater

The STAIR Summer Readers Theater began on July 16, 2018. This year both the Robinwood community and the Eastport community joined in the fun!  Over 30 campers from each community had five days of opportunity to jump headfirst into becoming actors. 30-plus volunteers assisted them at each site. During the week, each group along with their team leaders learned how to: read a script, put emotion into their lines, project their voices, and use their best diction. …And who wouldn’t want to create super costumes and props!

STAIR provided a Book Nook each day stocked with hundreds of books. Friends were made as books where chosen to go home to build home libraries. Volunteers and campers created costumes for their characters and as a bonus, everyone participated in fun, energetic games that left them breathless!

The campers brought it home with some rousing plays during the week such as “Don’t Wake the Mummy!”, “A Porcupine Named Fluffy”, and the famous Martin Luther King speech, “I have a Dream”.  The campers were on their way to winning Oscars!

On Wednesday at each camp, The Annapolis Chamber Players represented by Phyllis Crossen-Richardson, Heidi Brown and Pat Whitehead gave a brief concert and then led the campers on how to be good audience members and better listeners. Each musician talked about the instruments they play. The campers showed off their excellent knowledge of orchestra structure and types of instruments. Music days ended with mindfulness meditations. Two of our campers shared thoughts on music. Kyniya enjoys pop music because she likes to dance. Maleiah says Ariana Grande is her favorite musician because her music is calm but exciting.

Friday was final performance day at each camp. Campers and volunteers, decked out in costumes that matched their roles, did not disappoint! The room was packed with invitees, guests, and our actors. What a performance! Each group played their parts extremely well to the joy of the audience. And to top it all off, each actor received a golden Oscar to take home.

A special THANK YOU to the following:
From HACA: Mr. Chuck Lloyd, Ms. Twin Brown, Mr. Leron Fisher, and Ms. Tippy Johnson
Mission groups from The Center in Baltimore
The Annapolis Police Department
STAIR tutors
Mr. Jackson Borges, The First Presbyterian Church of Annapolis
STAIR loves and thanks all its volunteers!

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