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STAIR-Annapolis is an educator-approved tutoring program that provides one-on-one support to Anne Arundel County Public Schools second graders striving to achieve grade-level reading. With a team of more than 200 dedicated volunteers at 12 locations throughout Anne Arundel County, STAIR-Annapolis helps students gain greater self-confidence, improve academic readiness, and "Start The Adventure In Reading."

STAIR is committed to honoring and including diverse life experiences and heritages and to promoting an environment where all voices are heard and respected. We strive to provide a model of diversity and inclusion in our community with equitable treatment for all.


Learn to Read

Start The Adventure In Reading (STAIR)

fills a need that school reading

specialists and teachers do not have

the time to address: one-on-one

reading time with students at risk.

Read To Learn

Literacy is the gate-keeper to higher education, financial stability, health, relationships and empowerment.

STAIR provides literacy tools, support, and confidence to our students at this critical time in their educational journey.



reader For LIFE

Students who love reading keep reading throughout their LIFETIME.

They reinvest that knowledge and passion back into their communities, workspaces, and families.

“When students, who once faced barriers in their literary journey, become excited about and proficient in reading, they are 4 times more likely to proudly walk across their graduation stage.” -Annie E. Casey Foundation


Literacy is a skill that can take you everywhere and when someone falls through the cracks, life becomes more difficult.

Click to listen to STAIR Executive Director Jo Ann Mattson discuss with Eye On Annapolis how the organization is literally life-changing (pun intended).



Morgen went from refusing to read with no desire to even try to read sight words; to reading level 1 books all by herself.  Her desire to read, self confidence, and enjoyment of getting words right has been wonderful to see.
She reads books now which is an amazing accomplishment in only a few short months!


Mom of Morgan, STAIR Student

The STAIR organization plays an instrumental role in providing the gift of literacy to students in AACPS. The one-on-one attention the STAIR volunteers are able to provide to students is invaluable. We are so grateful for our partnership with such a humble and giving group of volunteers.

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Jane Gill,

Coordinator AACPS Elementary Reading/Integrated Literacy

Thank you for what your team does for the children, for the tutors who receive so much more than we give, and for me who has enjoyed the STAIR experience much more than I ever could have imagined. I believe the adage: a rising tide lifts all ships. And, this year, I witnessed that tide lifting children and their families.


Elizabeth Buckman


Start The Adventure In Reading (STAIR) - Annapolis, Inc.
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