Thank you to the Community Foundation of Anne Arundel County…

for their recent $25,000 grant award to STAIR! The award was included in a larger check that covered awards to other Anne Arundel County organizations. For the group photo below, left to right  is  Jonathon Rondeau of The Arc Central Chesapeake Region, Kathryn Philliben of Associated Catholic Charities/Sarah’s House, Najiba Hlemi of Seeds 4 Success, Jan Hoffberger, of Community Foundation of Anne Arundel County  Jo Ann Mattson of The Light House, Linda Barbour, Executive Director, STAIR-Annapolis, Inc., and Larry Griffin of We Care and Friends.


Certificates of Appreciation!

A well deserved ”Congratulations!” to Lisa Allison Barbara Pratt and the volunteer tutors from the Robinwood STAIR tutoring site and Carolyn Derby and Carol Patterson and the Eastport Community Center STAIR tutors  who were recently presented with a Certificate of Appreciation, recognizing their “time, talents, and leadership to the residents of the HACA communities”. Well done!

Stanton Center Volunteers in the Spotlight!Stanton Center


A beautiful statue was presented to Jane Garbacz, Site Coordinator by Principal Mr. Andre Dillard in recognition of STAIR’s work at Georgetown East Elementary School. The statue reads “Making the Difference. Awarded to the STAIR Program For your Academic Support and Encouragement of Our Second Graders, Over the Years. Georgetown East Elementary.” All at STAIR appreciate this acknowledgement of Jane’s hard work and the reading results that STAIR tutors bring to the students of GTEE.


Thank you Parole Rotary for your generous financial award! STAIR received a $2,000 grant from the Parole Rotary to provide our students with new books for home libraries during the 2016 – 2017 school year. Choosing your own books is important so a portion of the funds will go to the students in the form of gift certificates to be used at their school’s Scholastic Book Fair. The remainder will be used for new leveled books that each student can read at STAIR with their tutors and then take home to share with their family.

Rotary Grant Award

Congratulations Nantucket STAIR!

On May 19, 2016 Nantucket Elementary School’s “STAIR – Start The Adventure In Reading” program received a Special Recognition award for their reading tutors service to underperforming second grade students. Way to go Nantucket!


(From Left to Right)
Linda Barbour – STAIR Executive Director,
Monique Jackson – Regional Assistant Superintendent
Sara Pickens, Nantucket Elementary – Principal
Megan Edwards, Nantucket Elementary – Assistant Principal
Elizabeth McLean – Pastor, Prince of Peace Presbyterian Church
Anne Weadon, STAIR Coordinator
Mark Weadon, STAIR Coordinator
Teresa Tudor – Senior Manager, Office of School & Family Partnerships (behind Mark)



Write for the Record

Guiness Image

STAIR students from Robinwood participate in a once-in-a-lifetime experience as they help their school establish a new Guinness Record for the most stories written at a school in 30 minutes. Read on for details and a link to WUSA9 (CBS) archival footage to see the excitement!

Once upon a time at Hillsmere Elementary School (as told by Kathy Shaffer)….…. 480 students participated in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Were they crazy to think they could do it?  Maybe… Did the teachers, volunteers and STUDENTS pull it off? Beyond every expectation!

A sincere thank you to the entire team for making it happen. A few highlights:

  • Volunteers checked in 480 students. Only 10 dropped out of the attempt. So, 470 Kindergarten through 5th graders wrote for a Guinness Book World Record of the number of stories written in 30 minutes.
  • The kids were phenomenal. No one left the gym and cheering as well as the final countdown were amazing!
  • Each story needed to have a title, one character, a beginning, middle and end.
  • The teachers did a stand up job prepping the kids in advance because every single one of the students wrote an original story. Only 49 total needed to be disqualified – but not because they didn’t try!
  • Hillsmere Elementary is a school of authors, for sure! The stories were LONG, well written and so creative!
  • 3 news crews showed up! “Good Day Washington” CBS Channel 9 was live this morning during the attempt. A link can be found on their site. WBAL (NBC) should air on the 5pm news on May 11, 2016. AACPS-TV will probably air videos throughout the month of June. A photo with caption will be sent to the Capital Newspaper on May 11, 2016.
  • Guinness required that the school break at least 251 and they ended up with 421 qualified student stories.

STAIR congratulates all of the students at Hillsmere Elementary but especially our students from Robinwood who allow us to read their stories every week!





Start The Adventure In Reading!