What is STAIR?

STAIR – Start The Adventure In Reading – is a proven reading and mentoring program designed to provide early intervention for at-risk second grade students in Annapolis and is free to all participants.

STAIR’s mission is:

    • To increase the reading level of skill-deficient students.
    • To increase each student’s sense of self-worth and esteem by providing a success-oriented program which expands the student’s knowledge of self and the world of reading
    • To provide a caring environment which will promote a more meaningful dialogue among multi-ethnic volunteers, children, teachers, and parents

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STAIR’s History

The STAIR – Annapolis program is an outgrowth of the original STAIR program that began in New Orleans in 1985 and still continues to effectively serve at-risk students after 30 years. The 2017 – 2018 school year represents our 13th year of STAIR in Annapolis and Anne Arundel County. The first Annapolis STAIR program began at the Stanton Center on Clay Street for students attending Annapolis Elementary School and now has grown to ten sites shown below. For a detailed listing go to Tutoring Locations.

Annapolis Elementary School at the Stanton Center, Annapolis

Eastport Elementary School at the Eastport Community Center,   Annapolis

Tyler Heights Elementary School, Annapolis

Edgewater Elementary School, Edgewater

Georgetown East Elementary School, Annapolis

Germantown Elementary School, Annapolis

Hillsmere Elementary School at the Robinwood Community Center, Annapolis

Nantucket Elementary School, Crofton

Walter S. Mills – Parole Elementary School, Annapolis

Severn Elementary School, Severn

Tyler Heights Elementary School, Annapolis


Start The Adventure In Reading!