STAIR Wish List

  1. Volunteers – one and two day a week tutors and substitutes to work at any of our 10 sites. Our AA Co. students reading below grade level need all the help they can get! (1.5 to 3 hours per week)
  2. Site Coordinators – individuals dedicated to running each of our sites during the year. Responsible for all aspects of their site from tutors to student care to materials. (5 to 7 hours per week)
  3. Leaders to serve as Board members who understand the importance of reading for each and every second grade student.
  4. 100 hardback photo books (created and published) that document each student’s year-long journey through STAIR.
  5. 10 cordless microphones (at $50 each) used during the year at every site and during summer reader’s theater to project the students reading voice.
  6. 100 copies (at $18 each) of the DK Publishing Merriam Webster Children’s Dictionary (the best resource dictionary ever!) Used during the spring semester in dictionary exercises and games.
  7. 100 copies (at $10 each) of the DK Publishing Children’s World Atlas. The graduation gift given to each STAIR student.
  8. 100 copies (at $11 each) of the National Geographic Wild Animal Atlas. The holiday gift given to each STAIR student.
  9. Fujitsu Scan Snap Scanner (approximately $240). We do a lot of scanning to capture images of the student’s work and this scanner works really fast.
  10. 10 to 100 $25 Giant or Safeway shopping cards to purchase healthy snacks for each site. Students enjoy snacks at the beginning of each session while their tutor reads to them. (Students traditionally are not read to at home so this is a real luxury.)

Additional Notes: STAIR focuses on one thing: READING! We fill a need that parents and school staff cannot fill: one-on-one reading time with at-risk students on regularly scheduled days. STAIR uses a structured, educator-approved curriculum that is updated yearly. We tutor at sites in the communities where students live to address transportation issues.

Tutoring sessions are the core of our program and are conducted throughout the school year. Each student meets with his/her tutor for one hour twice a week. Each session is tailored to the student’s pace and ability. Thank you for all and any help that you can give us in supporting our students.

By Ashley at Germantown Elementary

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