Summer Reader’s Theater

The STAIR-Robinwood Summer Theater Program began at the Robinwood Community Center on July 17 , 2016. Over 35 campers from the community were given the opportunity to jump headfirst into becoming actors aided by 30 plus volunteers. Monday through Thursday each of the five groups along with their team leaders learned how to: read a script, put emotion into their lines, project their voices, use diction, read poetry, and reenact historic speeches. And who wouldn’t want to create super costumes and props!

Every day new friends were made as we chose books from the book nook and created costumes for our characters. As a bonus everyone participated in fun, energetic games that left us breathless!

The play is the thing and the campers brought it home with some rousing plays during the week including “The Real Story of The Three Little Pigs”, “I like Bugs”, “How the Beetle got Her Jeweled Coat”, “Puppies For Sale”, an inspiring Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address and a famous poem by Maya Angelou, I Arise.

On Thursday our newly minted actors had to pick their favorite play for the final performance on Friday, July 21. The invitations had already gone out to parents, grandparents and STAIR supporters. A large crowd was expected! On Friday, while awaiting performance time, there were frantic costume changes and last minute review of scripts, speeches and poems.

The children, decked out in costumes that matched their roles, did not disappoint! The room was packed with invitees, volunteers and our actors. What a performance! Each group played their parts extremely well to the joy of the audience. And to top it all off, each of our actors received a Golden Oscar to take home (it was chocolate so it is doubtful that it made it home!) along with a bag of books so all our performers can continue reading during the summer.

A special THANK YOU to Mr. Chuck Lloyd and Ms. Brown and the HACA organization for their able assistance and support this week! Thank you to The Center in Baltimore, the mission group from Yorktown Presbyterian Church New York, The Annapolis Police department, STAIR tutors, and teens from the Czech Republic. STAIR loves and thanks all its volunteers!

STAIR will hold two Reading Theater events this coming Summer 2018. The first will be held at the Robinwood Community Center from July 16-20 followed and then July 23-27 at the Eastport Community Center.

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