Summer Reader’s Theater


The STAIR Summer Readers Theater began on July 16, 2018. This year, in addition to the Robinwood community, the Eastport community joined in the fun!  Over 30 campers from each community had their five days of opportunity to jump headfirst into becoming actors. Over 30-plus volunteers assisted them at each site. During the week, each group along with their team leaders learned how to: read a script, put emotion into their lines, project their voices, and use their best diction. …And who wouldn’t want to create super costumes and props!

 Every day new friends were made as we chose books from the book nook to read and take home for the camper’s home library. They created costumes for their characters and as a bonus, everyone participated in fun, energetic games that left us breathless!

 The campers brought it home with some rousing plays during the week including “Polly Learns to Swim”, “50 Flavors”, “Don’t Wake the Mummy!”, “A Porcupine Named Fluffy”, Lime Ice Is Nice” plus the famous Marin Luther King speech, “I have a Dream”. Also performed were “Pete The Cat and The New Guy”, “The Foot Book’, “Where The Wild Things Are”, “Speak Up, Reach Out, Be A Friend”, “Don’t Forget Zero”, and “The Remake of Sleeping Beauty”. The campers were all on their way to winning individual Oscars.

 What a treat we had each Wednesday! The volunteers presented “Shelia Rae, The Brave “ by Kevin Henikes, a story about a mouse that claims she is not afraid of anything and “Moe the Dog in Tropical Paradise” about a dog who solves his freezing in winter by creating a tropical paradise inside his home. What made this play come alive for our campers was the addition of a 3-piece orchestra that played music throughout the performances. The musicians included Phyllis Cross-Richardson on the A flat and B flat clarinet, Heidi Brown on the French horn and percussion instruments and Pat Whitehead on the Trumpet. The campers learned how to be good audience members and better listeners, and expanded their knowledge of music and musical instruments.


What was the best part of this morning’s performance?

“When they all played together.”

Do you play an instrument?

“The violin.”

What type of music do you listen to?

“Pop because I like to dance to it.”



Do you play a musical instrument?

“The played the trumpet in the Drum & Bugle Corp.”

What is your favorite type of music?


Who is your favorite musician?

“Ariana Grande because her music is calm but exiting.”


What type of book do you like to read?


Why do you like to read?

“It helps you to become smarter and know stuff you never knew before.”

When do you like to read?

“I read books every day that I get from camp.”

The invitations were delivered to parents, grandparents and STAIR supporters. A large crowd was expected! On Friday, while waiting for performance time, there were frantic costume changes and last minute review of scripts, speeches and poems.

The children, decked out in costumes that matched their roles, did not disappoint! The room was packed with invitees, volunteers and our actors. What a performance! Each group played their parts extremely well to the joy of the audience. And to top it all off, each of our actors received a Golden Oscar to take home.

A special THANK YOU to the following that without their able assistance the Summer Readers Theater would not have been a wonderful success.

  Mr. Chuck Lloyd and Ms. Brown from

the Robinwood Community Center

 Mr. Leron Fisher and Ms. Tippy Brown from

the Eastport Community Center

 The HACA organization

The Center in Baltimore

 The Vernon Presbyterian Church (Virginia)

 The Annapolis Police department

STAIR tutors

The First Presbyterian Church of Annapolis 

The Arc and Dove Presbyterian Church

 STAIR loves and thanks all its volunteers!

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